Ever think of how people get million of likes and thousand of comments on there picture, and you get 30 likes 4 comments. Instagram is an app which totally runs on pictures. There is a text as well with pictures but mostly people attract to the eye catching pictures. Its a an app which is a great source of traffic for the e-commerce sites selling different items online and there success solely depends upon traffic. Every online store owner, brand , celebrity and business wants to be viral on and consider this as the success factor which is actually right. Being a digital marketer and having years of experience and playing with all the social media platforms I got the skill of how to make your instagram account super viral in just 90 days. If you really want to get viral on stay on the page and read the article.

Eye Catching Pictures:

The first and most important thing is to post HD pictures on your account, because its the first thing that attract your customer and an invitation to your customer to open your account and look at your products. If you got viewers on your account it means you are moving towards sales. Posting HD pictures , relevant content according to your account and writing optimized text is the first thing to get you viral on instagram.

Follow and Unfollow:

You must have seen accounts with million of followers from all over the world and your account have 1000 followers. What’s the trick to get huge amount of followers even if you are not a celebrity. This is a simple process. Every day follow 500 people from any big account and in return you will get 150 to 200 followers daily. After certain time you will see that you have reached the maximum number of following on your account. Your followers are 2000 and your following is 7000 which look ocward, so you need to clean it up. Just start unfollowing people and return back to zero following. The process is little hectic but it will add value to your account. From the next day start following back new people and get followers. Easy right! No sweat

Relevant Hashtags:

Hashtag is the another secret for getting viral. After posting picture add relevant hash tags bring more viewers to your account. Everybody who use knows the basic of instagram but now let me tell you the secret. The hashtags which got massive traffic are #fashion #style #ootd #love. It doesnt matter if your account is relative to fashion or not but using those hashtags will change your life. If you search for #Fashion on instagram you will see that it have 15 to 20 new posts every 30 second which means the online viewers of this hashtag are massive in number. Though this hash tag will not give you targeted traffic but it will increase your brand visibility for sure.

Likes and Comments:

Its human nature when you give respect you get respect , same is the case in instagram when you post your picture, start like and comment other people recent post in hashtags right after you post the picture. Post your picture then go to the search bar write #fashion and start like and commenting other people recent post for 40 minutes minimum. You will get a pop-up notification right after 3 or 4 minutes but that will not be harmful for your account. Stop for 3 minutes and then start likes and comments on other people posts.


Another factor to make your instagram account viral is to make groups in your account. Every group allow you to add 15 people. Before making groups look for the people who are most active and relevant to your niche. After posting picture send your picture to the groups, where the group members will like and comment your picture and you will get 100 of likes in few minutes. You can make many groups. In return you have to do the same for other group members.

Add Story:

Add story in your account. Its also a great factor in getting viral . People don’t have time to dig your profile but account story is a quick way to grab people attention.

Go live:

Go live once in a week , it increase brand trust. Chat with people , answer there question, stay funny and make your Instagram account.

If you have any question just write it in the comment section.

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