Iphone XS SMART BATTERY CASE is the new smart innovation by iphone for its users. Smart phones are the most used technology of this era. Day by day new innovations are made in it for the users so they get a better experience and make there life easier. With emerging technologies and having mobile applications for all kind of makes our life more better, But with that the one issue which is related with smart phones are low life of battery. Though the big giants work on it very much but still the users don’t want to put there phones down until they are sleeping. Apple just launch a smart solution for it and its called the smart battery case.

Apple Smart Battery Case:

Apple XS smart battery case designed by apple is for all the apple lovers. Its a new innovation which will make the life of people more easier who face low battery issues when they are using there phone and get a red signal of low battery. This case work with all the new IPhone models ,IPhone XS MAX models perfectly.


Let’s discuss how smart is the new apple XS Smart battery case. The smart case is made up of silicon material which is easy to carry in hand and its this case can give you a longer battery life. The case is designed in way that it allow user to easily put on and off. The best part is you can charge your phone and the smart cover simultaneously. With smart battery case you will be notified on your phone about the remaining battery life of your phone. The smart cover has no power button which means it will handle the power management. The case also support wireless charging.

The case can also be charged with USB-PD compatible chargers. It also supports lightening accessories such as earpods etc.

Important Facts:

Price $129

Compatibility:  IPhone models ,IPhone XS MAX

Talk time up to 37 hours*

Internet use up to 20 hours*

Video playback up to 25 hours*

Designed by Apple

Color: Black and white


Looking at features of the Apple IPhone XS SMART BATTERY CASE we can can conclude that its a great innovation which will bring an ease to the iphone users life. The smart case is safe for your expensive iphone, intelligent and easy to carry.

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